by Duncan Wilcox, Nov 26, 2020

Sparkle 3

The Black Friday promotion is back! 30% off Sparkle, for new customers.

We are pleased to offer the one time payment Sparkle licenses (Sparkle Basic, Sparkle One, Sparkle Pro and Sparkle Family) at a 30% discount.

This is a special Black Friday, as it comes on the heels of our amazing Sparkle 3 release. What a treat!

For upgrades we’re currently focusing on the 2.x to v3 upgrade, which is not limited to the Black Friday season, and is 50% off the regular Sparkle price (open the license window in Sparkle 3).

If you’ve been paying attention, this promotion has actually been up since the Sparkle 3 launch, because we didn’t want to let down our new Sparkle 3 customers.

But if you haven’t purchased yet, this promotion will run until December 1st, so don’t wait!

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