Introducing Sparkle 2.1

by Duncan Wilcox, Feb 21, 2017

We’re incredibly proud to release Sparkle 2.1: a small step for Sparkle, one giant leap for your website.

Sparkle is the first visual website builder ever to introduce the ability to import your existing website, recreating the layout within Sparkle’s praised and acclaimed visual editor. Angels sing and astronauts hum, when you’re using Sparkle.

And with a new low price of $39.99/€39.99/£38.99, there’s never been a better time to give your website a new modern design. Sparkle is the rocket fuel that takes you there.

More details below, but if you just can’t wait, download the Sparkle 2.1 free trial now! And by the way, it’s a free update for all existing customers.

Sparkle’s 2.1 import feature

Here’s a preview of the Sparkle import feature in action, loading a couple random websites. Once in Sparkle they are fully editable.

We will improve this further in later Sparkle updates, but it’s a great way to get started and import your content in Sparkle, ready for redesign.

A significant new feature is the addition of a mobile or “hamburger” menu, with full control over the orientation of a submenu.

This makes adding a mobile menu as easy as switching menu type on the mobile layout, with the convenience of having the menu items synchronized across devices.

This is part of a significant improvement in performance, reliability and browser compatibility of the menu system.

The publishing engine has been significantly improved, extending compatibility to all the web hosts we have been able to check, and with a significant streamlining of the setup process (this automatic setup doesn’t work with 100% of web hosts, but it does most of the time).

This is so amazingly painless it feels magical, take a look at the video here:

Finally here are the full release notes:

  • new affordable single site “Sparkle One”
  • added menu auto-switch to compact mobile style
  • added support for fixed backgrounds on mobile browsers
  • added FTP setup auto detection of web server settings
  • added option to export smaller webp images
  • added single page import
  • improved performance and reliability of FTP
  • hardened anti spam on contact forms
  • improved maps inspector on API key requirements
  • improved support for working on projects on multiple Macs
  • improved embed elements for some kinds of embedded code
  • fixed import of portrait video
  • improved performance in many areas
  • fixed many other bugs

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