The effect of a paradigm shift

Dec 2, 2022

In Top Gear season 12 episode 7, aired in 2011, Jeremy Clarkson conducted a scathing review of the Tesla Roadster, with questionable claims and incendiary footage such as that of a dead Roadster in gloomy weather charging forever under a windmill.

Tesla sued and lost, and while the review might have been fabricated, Musk certainly thought so, ultimately Clarkson was right regardless.

The Roadster was not just a hack compared to later electric vehicle refinements, all EVs arguably still have severe drawbacks compared to gas-based cars.

What Tesla was really asking Top Gear to do at the time, and what EV makers are still doing today, is to ask reviewers and buyers to understand and buy into the vision, to see beyond the product as it is today, to believe the promise.

Many things need to fall into place in order to pull off a paradigm shift, and the vision fuels the sometimes lengthy and complex transition. For example EVs need batteries with more capacity, faster charge times, and a green powerful electrical grid infrastructure, to fulfill the vision of sustainable mobility.

We’re not there yet in 2022, and in 2011 the Roadster was maybe 10% of the way. Clarkson is a diehard supporter of the roaring V12, he would never have bought in to the vision.

What Clarkson was right about was his evaluation of all of 10% of the EV transition, and his bias made him happily ignore the vision.

Switching Gears, the other inevitable paradigm shift is that of visual website builders.

The vision is to be able to edit a website fully visually, without stumbling into a gatekeeper, or a troll, of one technology or another.

We like to think Sparkle is humbly at maybe 30 or 40% of the way, but in the grand scheme of all the things on the web that need to change, it’s probably not even there.

Many coders and journalists of the tech world will tell you that Sparkle is no good because it doesn’t match their narrow view of the world.

Dinosaurs didn’t see the comet coming either.

The coming of visual website builders is so obvious it’s painful. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that visual doesn’t mean dumbed down, kind of like considering a “visual” 3D modeler, or a “visual” photo retoucher, or a “visual” animator, or a “visual” movie editor as dumbed down versions of… yeah no, there is no other way.

We are thankful that so many of you have chosen to ignore and educate the naysayers. We are all slightly ahead of the curve, living the dream.

And one day it will feel unnatural to create websites by writing code, like an animal.

Sparkle is the only radically visual website builder in the world.

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