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Smart Fields, which can be inserted either by editing the text label in canvas, or via the Insert top level field, followed by the Smart Field submenu.

You can add an audio player to the page by adding it from the insert menu or “Add” button in the toolbar. This will add an audio player placeholder to the page, where you can then pick the .mp3 file to play.

in the search results of Sparkle’s built-in site search. It is unrelated to the site search feature of search engines.Excluding a page from menus will prevent it from being added to a menu that is using the auto-add feature.

A quick way to create a gallery is to add it from the Sparkle interface (toolbar, Insert menu or the “Add” popup) and then add the images. A quicker way is to drag the images from the Finder directly to the Sparkle window and let Sparkle

Sparkle's On Click menu allows you to add a link or action to any text, image, button, menu item or group.

basic typographic features such as font family, weight and other type traits such as italics and underlining. The + button next to the font family menu opens the font panel, through which you can add and remove fonts (including web fonts) to Sparkle.

Fonts project. You can also use system fonts or add your own web fonts to Sparkle.The font panel is used to control the fonts displayed in the font menu. The font panel is opened by pressing the + button next to the text inspector font family menu.

your site either when you’re done building it, or for a live test. You initiate publishing via the “Publish website…” option in the File menu or through the "Publish" icon in the toolbar.

in different locations depending on the browser. For example Safari shows it in the address bar, next to the website address and in the history menu, next to the page title. Google Chrome shows it in the browser tab, next to the page title. Mobile Safari shows it in the recent website grid in

consistent and uniform.Multiple elements can be grouped so that you can move and resize them as a single unit, you can do this from the Arrange menu or via the context menu (right click or control click). You can lock an element to avoid inadvertently moving, modifying or deleting it, either

Updated for Sparkle 3.0

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