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Select the artboard in Sketch, from the “Plugin” menu choose “Sparkle”, then “Export Artboard(s) to Sparkle” then open Sparkle and choose Edit, then Paste (or press ⌘-V)

Multiple elements can be grouped so that you can move and resize them as a single unit, you can do this from the Arrange menu or via the context menu (right click or control click). You can lock an element to avoid inadvertently moving, modifying or deleting it, either

To create a group, the first step is to select the page elements that will become part of the group, then either open the context menu (right click, or control-click), and select the “Group” option, or select the “Group” option from the “Arrange” top level menu.

A downloadable file is one of the options of On Click interactions, applicable to any element that has an On Click settings (text, images, menus, buttons). Let’s add a downloadable file to a button. After placing the button expand the On Click dropdown menu and select Download File.

You can add an audio player to the page by adding it from the insert menu or “Add” button in the toolbar. This will add an audio player placeholder to the page, where you can then pick the .mp3 file to play.

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Updated for Sparkle 4.5

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