Your website is faster

An average Wordpress mobile site has a Google PageSpeed score of under 30, while an average 

Sparkle mobile site has a score above 75, in our tests. Sparkle sites average 1.3 seconds 

to show content versus 3.9 seconds for Wordpress. Yes it is possible to make a Wordpress 

site fast, but who will do it? How much will it cost? Sparkle sites are fast out of the box, 

even on inexpensive web hosting.

You save 


Wordpress might be free, but it has significant hidden costs. Many everyday things in Wordpress, performance, security, a map, require a plugin or an add-on service. Sparkle is not free, 

but has everything your site 

needs built-in.

Sparkle's many built-in features

Your website is 

more secure

(and privacy minded)

It's no secret Wordpress is not very secure. How bad? 

94% of all sites hacked in 2019 were running WordPress. Sparkle sites are so called "static": fast, not hackable.

Also an average Wordpress site leaks your visitor activity to third parties, any cookie checker will show this. 

Sure you can buy plugins to plug the leaks, but in 

Sparkle it's all built in.

Your website is 

quicker to build

Sparkle can import your existing site and immediately apply all the performance and security gains. Creating a site from scratch is just plain fun and fast.

Made with


Sparkle has empowered the creation of these fantastic websites.

We love Mac too

We love our Mac just like you love yours, and we love the superior feel of native applications. Sparkle is a modern and slick Mac application. It supports the latest Mac hardware and software features, like the Touch Bar and Dark Mode.

It's as if I've been writing with a piece of coal on the wall of a prison cell. Now I'm using Sparkle and feel like I'm liberated, and out in the world with a full set of artist tools.

— Sparkle User

We use Sparkle to create hundreds of quick landing pages to test our marketing strategies, Sparkle has saved us many hours of development.

— David Tera

Director of Marketing, 

International Design Awards

We used to create comps in Photoshop for developers. With Sparkle we have our site up and running in hours rather than weeks.

Founder curator, The International Photography Awards

— Hossein Farmani

Sparkle combines an all-in-one approach, an understandable interface and a focus on producing high performance and search engine optimized websites. 

All in a powerful native Mac app. 

Nothing else comes close.


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