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Building websites is fun again

  • license for one or more personal Macs
  • publish unlimited sites
  • site search
  • Instagram support
  • no page limit
  • no branding
  • export the HTML to disk


Billed yearly. Cancel any time.

One time purchase



Regular Price 

Why subscribe?

Sparkle is available both as a one time purchase and as a subscription. We offer both so that you can choose what you are more comfortable with. Subscribing is cheaper and makes all updates to Sparkle Pro automatically available to you. Additionally it gives the Sparkle team an income that is predictable and allows for long term planning of improvements. Buying the one time licenses lets you opt in to the upcoming upgrades as you go. If you love and trust Sparkle, and plan on buying all future features, we encourage you to strongly consider the subscription.

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Sparkle Free

Single site. 3 pages maximum. “Made with Sparkle” branding.

The Sparkle Store


The Sparkle store processes payments via Paddle and emails you a license instantly. Here you can use coupons or access promotions. We won't sell, rent or share your data, ever. For any kind of problem or question don’t hesitate to contact us.

Once you have purchased any of the above, from within Sparkle you can upgrade by paying the price difference. So for example a Sparkle One to Sparkle Pro upgrade will cost just the price difference.

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