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Creating your website with Sparkle is easy, intuitive and fun. Just focus your efforts on your content and what you want to communicate and make something unique. 

Sparkle makes it easy to build modern, gorgeous web sites. Sparkle requires that you to learn only a few concepts that are intrinsic to the web medium, if you are unfamiliar with how the web works, this is a quick tour.

Just like a vector drawing app or a presentation package, Sparkle lets you place elements on a page in full freedom.

A Sparkle document can be exported as a website, containing all the pages you add to the document. What you draw on the canvas is what you’ll see on the web page, and a live preview feature will show you the page in the browser while you edit, either on the local machine or on the local network.


On the surface HTML and CSS are very approachable, and have a bit of a purity allure.

Complexity grows tremendously from the basics, and once you mix a complex layout, retina graphics, device-dependent layout, rich typography and media, hand coding isn't impossible but requires an incredible attention to detail for all but the simplest designs.

Some day every designer will use a visual tool for web design, just like we no longer write PostScript to create a leaflet and we no longer use the command line for routine file management tasks.

The Sparkle advantage 

We find the non-visual nature of the current crop of web content editing tools to be troubling: the HTML common denominator is inexplicably divorced from the visual nature of graphic design and content layout, it impairs all the visual thinkers, forced to deal with code and symbols. We built Sparkle to give designers full control over everything modern HTML and CSS standards offer, without giving up on the visual approach.

Sparkle is a visual website design tool for everybody.

There are a few ways in which Sparkle might feel limited or inflexible, for example the lack of direct support for multicolumn text or the inability to wrap text around images. The fundamental reason is an attempt to keep Sparkle as a simple, thin layer on HTML and CSS capabilities, so that the generated websites feel “web native”.

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