Introducing Sparkle 1.1

by Duncan Wilcox, Dec 15, 2014

Sparkle 1.0 was by and large a huge accomplishment, it introduced a very sophisticated engine that translates on-screen drawings to a modern HTML5 website.

It’s the sort of technology that works so well, it feels obvious. “Of course the website is identical to the Sparkle layout”, was the bittersweet comment from our users that took it for granted.

Our only option was to build upon our incredible foundation and double down on the features, with the ease of use that Sparkle users expect.

Sparkle 1.1 picks up from the amazing foundation and goes way beyond simple page layout, offering high level constructs such as menus, image galleries, maps, social media and more.

So what does “high level” mean exactly? For example the menu system scales from manual set up to fully automatic with synchronization to the website outline, whereas image galleries not only generate @2x and @3x retina images, but they generate a full set, for each image, for each device. Maps are based on the industry standard Google maps, but Sparkle integrates easy address lookup and a number of preset color schemes.

We are super proud of Sparkle 1.1, our first step in our journey of cherry picking the best web technologies to bring them to our amazing visual website building platform and to create something that’s worth so much more than the sum of its parts.

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