Sparkle 5 progress

On the heels of 5.1, we just released Sparkle 5.2 today. As usual the software is a free update for everybody, and it contains important fixes, so we recommend everybody update.

As you would expect from a minor release, there's no change in licensing or new paid feature, so your license will continue to work.

The simplest way to check for updates is to close and reopen Sparkle, it will offer to upgrade on the channel where you have downloaded Sparkle (AppStore or website).

Reintroducing Instagram support

Despite relatively short release notes, there are some major improvements. A highlight is the reintroduction of Instagram support, following some technical/legal difficulties with Meta.

Ultimately we partnered with third party provider of Instagram integration and are continuing to offer it for free to all Sparkle customers.

This means when opening a project file that previously had Instagram integration you will be prompted to log in again. When authenticating with Instagram you’ll see the branding of our partner, Behold, who manages the Instagram feed integration in your website.

Video tutorials reboot

Several months ago we started an effort to create new video tutorial for Sparkle, and are launching the first ones today.

We are ready to release the first 5 videos, and will be releasing new videos as they become available.

You can find the new videos throughout the Sparkle documentation, and in a page collecting all new Sparkle tutorial videos.

Sparkle 5 progress

Oct 14, 2023

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