Black Friday 2021

Nov 22, 2021

Once again, the Sparkle discount season has started. For 10 days, new customers will be able to purchase Sparkle at a staggering 40% discount!

We are pleased to offer the 40% discount on the following one time payment Sparkle licenses:

  • Sparkle Basic
  • Sparkle One
  • Sparkle Pro
  • Sparkle Family
  • Sparkle Business Five Pack

Sparkle 4 is nearly ready, we expect to release it in December. By purchasing Sparkle 3 during this offer, you will get Sparkle 4 features included! In fact if you still haven’t purchased Sparkle 2.x, the upgrade will also make you qualify for the Sparkle 4 features.

Everybody is curious to learn about Sparkle 4, so without ruining the surprise too much, here’s an extract of the new features we think are significant and of wide interest.

Sparkle 4 will introduce:

  • support for a dark color theme, letting your website switch color theme and visible elements, based on the viewer device’s light/dark mode setup
  • password protected pages, with user management and a login form
  • new SEO assistant features to optimize for organic search
  • a machine learning-based image background remover
  • 6 new responsive, Dark Mode aware designs

And obviously many more great features, tastefully integrated in the Sparkle you know and love.

If you are still undecided, feel free to download Sparkle, activate the 14 day free trial, but make your mind up quickly!

This promotion will run until December 1st!

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