Nov 15, 2022

As is now customary, we’re launching our once a year promotion, a “Black Friday” discount season.

We are pleased to offer a 40% discount on the one time payment Sparkle Pro v4 license, and increasing the Sparkle v3-to-v4 upgrade discount to 60%.

Sparkle v5 has been in active development for a while now, and the v4 license or upgrade will include a free upgrade to the v5 features.

This promotion will run until December 1st.

Why Sparkle?

Sparkle is the only radically visual website builder in the world. What this means in practice for you is you get an approachable, understandable website builder today, and our commitment to a visual-first website building philosophy for the future.

We de-code web technologies for you.

Further reading on that:

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