License Code

If you can no longer find your Sparkle license, this is where you can look it up. Please do feel free to email us if anything goes wrong or if you have further questions.

Be aware that there are two variants of Sparkle, one from the Mac App Store, one from our website. They are identical, except for the unlocking and activation mechanism.

The Mac App Store variant of Sparkle uses Apple’s licensing model which is tied to your Apple ID, there is no visible license code. In this case no recovery process is needed, you need to log into the Mac App Store using the Apple ID you originally used to purchase, and downloading Sparkle again.

The variant of Sparkle from our website, which you would have purchased from our reseller paddle.com, uses licenses in the form SPARKLE-xxxxxxxxxxx.

Please enter the email address you purchased Sparkle with, and we’ll email you the code.

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