Advanced Editing

These are some Sparkle features that help during editing or help in making a website feel more consistent and uniform.

Multiple elements can be grouped so that you can move and resize them as a single unit, you can do this from the Arrange menu or via the context menu (right click or control click). You can lock an element to avoid inadvertently moving, modifying or deleting it, either from the Arrange menu or from the Arrange inspector.


The “Embed” function allow you to insert HTML code snippets in a Sparkle website. You will typically use “Embed” to insert third party content for which an “embed code” has been provided (sometimes indicated by the HTML code “<>” parenthesis).

To ensure privacy to site visitors, by default the code is activated only after user consent (if the site is using Sparkle’s privacy features), and a global page setting is ensuring the address of the page isn’t shared with any loaded third party service. These might need to be changed for compatibility with different services, on a case-by-case basis.

This feature is mostly intended as a stopgap while we develop more native Sparkle elements.

Updated for Sparkle 2.6

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