You can enable animation on several elements. Animation is not synchronized with scrolling, rather it is triggered by scrolling. The purpose is to produce a reveal effect to the elements it’s applied to. When the animated element is in view when the page loads, it is immediately triggered.

There are many effects to pick from, which are not shown in the Sparkle canvas, you need to check them in preview.

Once triggered the animation starts after the specified delay, for the specified duration. When setting up animation for multiple elements, the delay setting can be set to different values tor each element, to spread out animations, giving a more organic feel to the whole.

The page bottom offset is a setting for how many pixels need to scroll for the animation to trigger, relative to when the element comes into view. Setting a bottom offset of 0 would make the animation trigger as soon as the top of the element becomes visible, but that might be a little too soon and hide a bit of the animation.

Animation and flashing content is frequently associated with advertising by visitors, so you should strive to use it sparingly and tastefully, particularly when it comes to the repetition.

Updated for Sparkle 2.8

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