Site Settings

The toolbar button “Settings” opens a dialog where you can control: 

general site settings

website icons

analytics settings

privacy settings (see privacy and cookie law)

publishing settings (see export and uploading)

General site settings 

The first option in this pane lets you pick which screens the generated images should support: @2x is common in modern mobile phones and tablets such as any iPhone 4 or later, @3x is a very high resolution available in recent mobile phones such as the iPhone 6+, 6s+ and 7+. 

Generating @2x and @3x assets makes the website look crisper at the expense of larger images and more network bandwidth used by visitors to transfer the images when viewing the site. The webp option causes Sparkle to generate an additional image in the webp image compression format for each image on the site. It is currently supported by Chrome and mobile Chrome, and is scheduled to be added to Safari and mobile Safari.

Sparkle generates the page code in a way that ensures that modern browsers only download the appropriate resolution images, so while on disk or on the web host the site might be very large, only a fraction of the images are used by any one visitor. 

The additional image sizes and formats only affect the website publishing time and the size on disk of the website, they don’t affect the page download time for site visitors, in fact they improve image quality, speed, or both.

Text antialiasing affects how text is displayed in browsers running on computers that support it, no mobile device supports it. Subpixel antialiasing improves legibility at smaller font sizes, but looks fatter and bolder than grayscale-antialiased text. This effect is particularly visible with light text on dark backgrounds, for example white on black. Subpixel antialiasing is generally also not compatible with animation, so a page with animations will visibly change from bolder text with subpixel antialiasing to thinner text with grayscale animation, for the duration of the animation, and then back to bolder text. As this is undesirable, Sparkle defaults to grayscale text antialiasing.

Adding an always visible vertical scrollbar, even on pages that don’t require scrolling, is a way to prevent the page from jumping horizontally when switching between pages of mixed length. This option is only visible if your system is showing vertical scrollbars, which is not the case if you have a touch pointing device.

Website icon 

The website icon, sometimes referred to as a favicon, is an image that is associated with the site and is displayed in different locations depending on the browser. For example Safari shows it in the address bar, next to the website address and in the history menu, next to the page title. Google Chrome shows it in the browser tab, next to the page title. Mobile Safari shows it in the recent website grid in the new tab page.

You can pick a single square image that will be scaled to all the required sizes, or control individual icons by selecting each one in the popup menu.


If you have a Google Analytics account you can activate user tracking on your website by entering your ID. Both “Classic” and “Universal” modes are supported. 

The visitor profiling  option lets you run GA in anonymous mode or in tracking mode, whereby visitor identification information is collected. The latter has an impact on the privacy consent/cookie laws. See the privacy section.

The “Add Privacy Policy Fragment” creates a text element with Google’s privacy policy, which Google Analytics users have agreed to add to the site. 

Please refer to Google Analytics documentation for further information:

Please report any shortcoming in this documentation and we’ll fix it as soon as possible!

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