One of the most popular techniques, for its easy implementation and straightforward result is setting an image as fixed in window, creating a quasi parallax effect, and giving the impression of movement.

This effect creates very visually pleasing effects, adds a lot of shine to any design, and is easy to combine with other elements such as text boxes. Apply some on scroll animations and you have beautiful and smooth flowing page.

To begin, create an image that is appropriate for giving the feeling of an environment we are traversing through (in a metaphorical sense too; it could be anything from a classic medieval painting to  spontaneous photography). Start by creating a box and setting the content type to image, once you place the image, proceed to click the fixed in window option. 

The idea is to create a context of a strong visual point, where the viewer focuses their attention. It is a pocket of realism, and the other more “fictional” elements gain more substantial attention, as the context changes from environment/mood to information and back again, therefore maintaining interest.

In this case the context is a travel organization company, focusing on hiking and camping, supplies and networking. Using one scrolling background for the supply and preparation concept, and one for the wonder of nature concept, the fixed interstitial provides context separation. 

It’s advisable to leave appropriate spacing across fixed background sections for the viewer to complete the transition, we can then take advantage of the renewed attention for new information.

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