You can add a new video to the page by picking the video element from the More toolbar button. If you plan on using a video file from your local disk, a shortcut is to drag an mp4 file in from the Finder, which will be turned into a video player for that file.

The video element works with in two main ways, based on the video source. 

To substitute the selected placeholder with a video, you can use the dropdown menu at the top of the Style pane of the Inspector to choose: 

  • an online video from YouTube or Vimeo, inserting the URL or ID of the video or using the "Add" button to perform a search by title and click once to pick.
  • an online video From Network Location, inserting its URL in the input box
  • a video From Disk, by pressing the Add button, navigating to the desired file and selecting it

For videos from YouTube and Vimeo there are options for allowing autoplay and the offering of related videos, a menu to choose various types of Embedding, and the ability to add a Custom Poster Image, i.e. a preview frame more of your liking. 

For videos which have been dragged and dropped, added From Disk or From Network Location, it's possibile to pick a Poster Image from the video or add one, enable Autoplay, Mute, Looping, show Dark or Light Player Controls and also choose some Embedding options.

Please report any shortcoming in this documentation and we’ll fix it as soon as possible!

Use of videos as page background is covered in the Page Setup section.

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