The audio player lets your add audio clips or music for the site visitor to listen to, and includes features such as playing time, a progress slider and volume control.

You can add an audio player to the page by adding it from the insert menu or “Add” button in the toolbar. This will add an audio player placeholder to the page, where you can then pick the .mp3 file to play.

As a shortcut you can drag the mp3 file from the Finder onto the Sparkle canvas, and Sparkle will create the audio player element with that mp3 on the fly.

Multiple audio players on the page can coexist, and Sparkle will automatically stop others currently playing, when one is started. Sparkle will not however chain playing one player to the next.

Sparkle only supports mp3 files, because it is the only audio file format that works reliably across web browsers on all platforms.

Sparkle will export and publish the mp3 file for you along with the other website files.

Automatically playing audio is not possible in modern browsers, so it can’t be offered as an option.

The audio player supports a few different styles and can scale from a simple play/pause button up to a full element with background, progress slider and volume controls.

Please report any shortcoming in this documentation and we’ll fix it as soon as possible!

Updated for Sparkle 5.2

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