Sparkle's On Click inspector allows you to add a link or action to any text, image, button, menu item or group.

By default the option is set on "Do Nothing”, but it can be set to a number of options, that are the same across all elements that have the “On Click” action. Images and buttons have additional options, check the respective documentation pages.

Go to Page in This Website

Sparkle knows about all the pages in the site, so it makes it really quick to pick one as a link destination. One additional refinement is picking a location in the page, so that when the user clicks on the link the browser will smoothly scroll to the selected location.

Scroll locations can be created by selecting “New Scroll Location…” or by adding a new one to the page by picking the “Scroll Location” object in the objects panel. Another way to have specific scroll points in a page is to add a name to the Scroll Location setting on a Layout Block.

Go to Blog Index

If the website includes a blog, On Click menus also add a “Go to Blog Index” option, which in addition to navigating to the blog index also can filter it by the selected tag.

Go to External Link

The is the most general form of link, where you enter a web address (also referred to as URL, Uniform Resource Locator) like you would find it in the browser. The address text box supports web addresses (usually prefixed with http:// or https://) and other kinds of addresses as well.

Open Email

The Open Email option has a field to specify the recipient's address. Clicking on the resulting link will open a new message in your default client email or redirect to a webmail interface. If spam is a concern, a better option is to create a contact form.

Call Phone Number

The Call Phone Number option will cause the site visitor’s device to make a phone call to the specified number (after confirmation). On many desktop devices the phone call is often routed via video calling software.

Download File

The Download file option lets you choose any file on your Mac, such as a PDF or a ZIP archive, to be offered for download from the website. The file will be published along with the website, and downloaded from there. A shortcut to create a link to a downloadable file is to drag and drop it onto the Sparkle canvas, which will create the download link.

Open Popup

These options are related to the use of popups. You can create a new popup from here or select an existing one. The options also vary based on the context, and opening and closing popups have side effects based on the popup mode and group ID. For more information check the popup documentation page.

Media Control

This action is used in conjunction with video and audio players on the page, to offer a play/stop button, and a mute/unmute button. This can work for any video on the page, including background video, and any audio. One useful use is to work with browsers blocking autoplaying videos with audio: you can start videos muted and offer a prominent button to enable audio.

Layout Block Visibility

While hiding content on a page is generally to be avoided, there are cases where you have a very large amount of content that you want to selectively disclose. This action can show, hide or toggle the visibility of a layout block, or multiple layout blocks in a group.

Run Javascript Function

This feature is part of the Developer Tools, and lets you run a Javascript function when the link is clicked.

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