The map element is a great way to add a fully interactive map to your page, to let your site visitor locate a physical presence for your organization or business.

After adding the map element from the “Add” popup, enter the desired address (Street, City and optionally Country) or coordinates (latitude and longitude).

The map element has two modes: basic and advanced. In the basic mode, you get started very quickly, only location, zoom level and roadmap or satellite setting are needed.

The basic map settings

In advanced mode you can add more customization of the map look and behavior.

Both maps types allow for automatically setting the map coordinates from an image on the canvas, if it contains the geocoded location in the image EXIF metadata, something that most smartphone images have.

The built-in themes from offer more than one hundred color combinations that will make your map unique and coherent with your website's look.

On a desktop browser the scroll wheel is often used to scroll a page, and on mobile devices moving the page is done via the touch-swipe gesture. These both affect the map, unless you uncheck the “Scroll wheel/touch to pan” checkbox, so you should uncheck it if for example the map is full width.

Enabling the “Location Marker” will show the exact position with an optional name and description. Enabling “Display label on click”, name and description will be shown only when the marker is clicked by the user.

The advanced map settings

Both basic and advanced mode requires a Google Maps API Key with billing enabled, though there is no charge for the basic mode. Here are detailed instructions on how to get an API Key from Google.

Sparkle also offers a legacy and obsolete Google Maps setup, which doesn’t require an API Key. Google has deprecated its use and it might not work or stop working in the future.

Please report any shortcoming in this documentation and we’ll fix it as soon as possible!

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