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If your site has a significant amount of text in it, you might want to offer a search feature to your site visitors.

Sparkle’s site search feature produces an index of the text in all pages, making it instantly searchable.

You get started by adding the site search field element to the page, from the “Add” popup. This adds the search control where site visitors will enter their query terms.

When you add the search field, a new page is added to the site as well, and it’s pre-populated with search results.

The search field itself has minimal settings, but it acts like a group containing a text input field and a button. The text input and the button have pre-determined values for some properties, for example the button action always leads to the search results page. The combination of text input and button behave somewhat like a group, but you can click a second time on either of them to select them individually, and customize like any other element.

Likewise the search results box, on the result page, has some properties of its own, but you can click through to the results text block to customize its look.

The settings for the overall search results box are the number of results and the text length of each result snippet. You can then customize the “No search results” message, for when the query doesn’t find results. Finally you can customize how to highlight the query term in the search results. The following section of the inspector is the background box, with settings identical to those of boxes.

Below the search results is a strip of numbered pagination controls. The settings are identical to those of buttons, except for the top section which has settings for the button corresponding to the current results page.

Site search requires PHP to be active on the web server.

Search pagination
The site search element
Search results page element

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