Page Setup

Each page needs a basic setup. The first popup specifies the type of page. When you start a new site the first page is set as the “Home Page”, others pages are set to “Regular Page”.

Next to the page type there's a button to access developer-specific options, described in the developer tools page.

The second field is the page title. By default Sparkle names the page with the prefix “Page” followed by a progressive number.  You definitely should change this, it is extremely important in search engine relevance. You can change either here or by clicking on the page title in the “Page Outline”. Page title will appear as the browser page and bookmark name, and in search engines.

The third field, the page filename, is mostly a detail of how your website is set up, but it gives cues to search engines as well. The home page of a website (see above) is commonly named “index.html”. You can’t change the file name for your home page.

Regular pages by default derive their file names from the page title but you can customize it by clicking “Custom Filename” and entering a new file name.

The “At Top Level” setting can be changed to “In a Folder” to publish the page in a server folder you specify. The folder name becomes part of the page address (URL).

The first and second of the "Copy" icons let you copy the page URL either as a text link or as a QR Code image, to be shared in printed form. The third icon copies the blog RSS feed, if the site has a blog.

The page description completes the information relevant to search engines. Page author, keywords and copyright are available in the "Optional Metadata" popup, though they are never visible on the page and never used by search engines.

If you opt to exclude the page from publishing, you will still be able to edit the page and link to it, and the page will work in preview, but when publishing the page and its assets won’t be exported, and any link to the page won’t work.

Excluding a page from site search prevents it from being included in the search results of Sparkle’s built-in site search. It is unrelated to the site search feature of search engines.

Excluding a page from menus will prevent it from being added to a menu that is using the auto-add feature.

If you enable the search engine metadata generation in the site settings, the page settings will show an additional section, where you can override the global settings.

If you enable social sharing, the additional section will show the cover image for the current page, when it’s shared on social media.

The page alignment controls how the page layout is displayed in the browser when the window is larger than the layout, and it defaults to center.

The background of the page is always filled with a plain color, often visible before any content or image loads, so it is in a way the “first impression” of the site. The background can then contain a pattern, a custom image or a video (from Youtube, Vimeo or from your Mac).

The built-in patterns from and the custom patterns can have a fixed position, which prevents the background from scrolling with the page. It's also possible to specify the pattern scale with a slider and apply a blur effect.

The background color and pattern can both be specified because some patterns are partially transparent and show the underlying color.

The Video option allows the use of video backgrounds that extend to the full window size.

The same options as for the video element apply: YouTube or Vimeo, or from disk or network.

The video can have a fixed position, play without sound (Mute) and in a loop. It is also possible to define a Poster Image.

Note that incorporating videos from YouTube and Vimeo can trigger content blockers or include third party tracking. You should configure privacy options to account for it.

If you have set up Sparkle for multiple languages the page settings will show an additional section, where you can configure the corresponding translated page for each page. By connecting all corresponding pages you will help search engines direct people to pages in their language.

The Sparkle page inspector
The Sparkle page inspector for search engine settings
The Sparkle page inspector for social image sharing
The Sparkle page background pattern picker
The Sparkle page background video settings
The Sparkle page background language selector

Updated for Sparkle 3.1

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Sparkle combines an all-in-one approach, an understandable interface and a focus on producing high performance and search engine optimized websites. 

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