Every page needs a basic setup to get started. When you begin a new site, the first page automatically becomes the "Home Page," while others are designated as "Regular Pages." 

Developer-Specific Options: These options are accessed by clicking on the small ‘code’ icon next to the page type and are explained further in the developer tools page.

Page Title and Page Filename: These are two different names given to a page. The page title is the human-readable name for your page. The page title appears in the browser tab, bookmarks, and search engine results. The page filename is the HTML file name that allows your page to be accessed by web browsers through your navigation. By default, Sparkle assigns a title with the prefix "Page" followed by a number, but it's best to customize this for better search engine visibility. For example, you can change it to something like ‘Welcome to XYZ Website’. You can change it here or by clicking on the page title in the "Pages tab” on the left of the interface screen. 

The page filename, mostly affects how your website is organized but also provides cues to search engines. The home page is typically named "index.html," and its filename cannot be changed. Regular pages derive their filenames from the page title by default, but you can customize them by selecting "Custom Filename" and entering a new name. As a general rule, filenames should be in lowercase letters with no spaces, For example ‘products.html’ or ‘about_us.html’.

You can also choose whether the page appears at the top level or within a folder on your server, which affects its URL.

Copy Icons: These are for copying the page URL and creating a QR code, these are useful when you want to promote specific pages on social media, or include a page-specific QR code in print advertising.

Page Description: This is where you can add a description of your page. This is used by search engines to let searchers know what you page is about. The description appears in search results under your page title.

Optimize for Search Engines: Here you can add keywords and keyword phrases. These are the things that people may type into a search engine when they are looking for a specific product or service. For example, on a real estate website you may like to add the keyword phrase ‘Property for sale in New York’ or something similar. You can add multiple keywords and phrases - just separate them with a comma. Other options include adding a social card image, search engine control, protecting the page with a password, exclude the page from publishing, exclude the page from Site searches and exclude the page from being automatically added to your site navigation. All of these options will be covered in the SEO section of this user guide.

Alignment: This simply sets how you page will be aligned in a browser window. The options are left, center, or right.

Background: These options allow you to set up the visual appearance of your page background. At its simplest level, you can have a background fill colour that covers the entire page. However, by using the ‘Content’ drop-down, you can choose a fill pattern or a video background. If you choose a fill pattern, you’ll have the choice of Built-in or Custom patterns. Furthermore, you can decide to have the pattern fixed in the window (where the pattern remains static in the browser window and your page scrolls over it), or you can have the background scroll with the page content. Other options allow you to scale or blur the pattern. If you choose a video background, you can select a video from a variety of sources, including video streaming platforms. Again, you can choose to have the video fixed in the window, or have it scroll as part of the web page. If you choose the fixed position option, the video will fill the entire browser window. These background options will open up additional options on the page panel, which are illustrated below.

Please report any shortcoming in this documentation and we’ll fix it as soon as possible!

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