Visitor-submitted information to the website server is done via so called forms.

The most common example of forms is the contact form, that sends the submitted information by email.

The controls through which site visitors enter information can be found in the "Navigation and Forms" section of the “More” popup: 

  • Text Input field
  • Button
  • Radio button
  • Checkbox

Both Email Form via Server and Advanced Form Submission allow you to collect the input from one or more text input fields, checkboxes and radio buttons. While Advanced Form Submission is aimed at experienced web developers, the Email Form via Server is ready to use.

Both Form features are disabled in preview and won’t work when opened from the Finder, as they require a web server to process the email reception and will only work if the pages are accessed through a server.

The Text Input is the basic text entry tool. Aside from styling controls it has a few options to control user input. Setting the Required checkbox forces the user to fill something in the text input. The Automatic capitalization, Spelling checker and Allow browser auto-fill can be useful in specific contexts. 

Radio buttons and checkboxes are used to provide user options, radio buttons with the same name are mutually exclusive so they allow the user a single choice, whereas checkboxes are all independent and offer a yes/no answer.

Contact form 

The Email Form via Server option collects the selected form elements and emails them. The feature is immediately functional by filling in the to and from email addresses and the email subject.

You will also need to designate a “Thank you” page, that will contain the machinery to send the form, and can be used to inform the user of the successful email delivery. As the page contains server side code it will need to have a php extension (the thank you page section will let you do that).

Email is delivered locally on your web host, and routed to the destination mail server from there. Email on the internet is frequently aggressively filtered for spam and viruses, and as such it might occasionally not work properly. The best way to solve issues is to contact the web host.

Contact form sample

For your convenience you can download a sample document with a functional contact form in it, you’ll need to change the destination email address to your own.

contact form.sparkle

Please report any shortcoming in this documentation and we’ll fix it as soon as possible!

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