You can live preview your website while working. Pressing the “Preview” button on the toolbar opens the preview popup, where you can select browser to use. 

Clicking the “Open Live Preview” button opens the preview service in the selected browsers, the content is regenerated on the fly as you edit the site, so depending on your workflow and screen layout you can choose to open the live preview occasionally or keep the live preview always visible, side by side the Sparkle window or on a second screen. 

Sparkle supports live preview in Safari, Firefox and Chrome. If you opt to make the preview available to other computers and devices on the local network, you can use live preview for example on an iOS device as well.

The preview feature works with web fonts sourced from Google even while offline, in preview mode they are loaded locally. 

If your document contains multiple device layouts, the preview is also affected by the “Preview current device only” setting in the devices popup. If the setting is checked, the live preview will display the current device layout regardless of the actual device or browser window width. If it is unchecked, live preview will show the appropriate layout for the device, which means you might edit position and size of something that’s not visible on the preview browser.

Please report any shortcoming in this documentation and we’ll fix it as soon as possible!

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