Groups are a useful construct to manipulate multiple elements on the page at the same time. Additionally, groups have a few useful options to achieve a special scroll behavior.

Groups are most commonly used for page headers and footers, in combination with the visibility options, to show the header on all pages.

To create a group, the first step is to select the page elements that will become part of the group, then either open the context menu (right click, or control-click), and select the “Group” option, or select the “Group” option from the “Arrange” top level menu.

Ungrouping is accessed from the same places.

Resizing a group will resize all contained element frames, but not the content of the elements. Rotating the group will rotate all elements. Groups can be nested.

With no element selected on the canvas, a click on an element in a group will initially select the whole group. A second click will select the element contained. Pressing ESC is a quick way to deselect everything and go back to the top level of the canvas.

When an element inside a group is selected, the group becomes the target of element additions or clipboard paste, letting you add new content to an existing group.

Groups can have special scrolling behavior, by setting the appropriate options.

“Stick to page top” makes the group lock at the top of the browser window instead of scrolling away. When there are multiple stick-to-top groups, you can opt to have them stack at the top (so they’ll all be visible), to overlap, or to have only one visible at a time, with the last one pushing the previous one away.

“Fix to browser bottom” makes the group not scroll with the page, but stay attached by its bottom-most edge to the bottom of the browser window.

Another way to create stick-to-top elements is via Layout Blocks.

Groups can also be linked and animated as a whole.

Group settings

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