Managing Pages

Adding a page

To add a new page click on the + (plus) button at the bottom of the page outline. You can add a new page or a section, which is a collection of pages.

Sections are mainly an organizational aid, but can serve an additional function with relation to section visual uniformity, by using element visibility to show an element or group of elements within a section. 

This is explained in more detail in the documentation about the arrange pane.

A page can be renamed either by clicking on the name in the page outline or by changing it in the inspector.

To delete a page, select its thumbnail and then press the “-” at the bottom of the sidebar. The center button at the bottom of the sidebar duplicates the currently selected page.

The order of pages can be changed by dragging the page thumbnail to the new location.

Pages, sections and the menus

When you create a new menu, by default it will automatically add (and remove) items corresponding to the pages. Top level pages and sections are the main items of the menu, the former link to the pages and the latter are sub-menus with links to the pages in the corresponding section as menu items. Please see Menus for a deeper look to menu elements.

The privacy page

Once you enable privacy options, a privacy page will automatically be added to your page outline. This page can only be deleted from the privacy settings. The privacy page is special in that it hosts the privacy banner for editing purposes. While the banner is only edited on this page, it will actually be shown on all pages of the website.

Importing an existing page

Sparkle isn’t a coding environment so you can’t import code with full fidelity. There are many reasons but the main one is the underlying HTML doesn’t include sufficient information on what the purpose, or intent, of any given page element is. For example an image could be a simple image, or a video thumbnail, or a gallery image, they all are identical to the Sparkle importer.

With that in mind, the import feature (which you can access from the Insert menu) will load a page from your old website in an internal browser and scan the page for layout information, producing an equivalent layout in Sparkle. This gives a very reasonable approximation of the original page, and is an excellent starting point for a redesign of your old website.

Updated for Sparkle 2.6

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