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going to trying to position in search results. Clearly any page can end up in search results, but you won’t be working on optimizing accessory … the right keywords is an art, and there are online tools to estimate how many searches use each keyword combination and how contended the keyword is,

woman’s elbow and the N from tension meeting the white stripes of the mans shirt, while not reducing the clarity of the text, felt awkward. All the … To end the chapter, remember that the hero image is the first impression of

a standalone login page needs to exist: it’s where visitors will be sent to authenticate, if they access a restricted page or asset. This … Within the login form settings you can specify which pages to send the site visitor after login and after logout. Only if the login form

pick a size that fits your content. The multi-device world we live in means you need to make the content usable to every possible device. … devices, removing elements will remove them from all devices. This also means you will need to review the position of a newly added element on other

You can configure the index element by setting how many posts to show, and the spacing between posts. … The header and footer are not considered content and will not end up in the index. You can also exclude an element from the index via the “Show on blog index” option in the arrange inspector.

on your Mac, or in the project file. In either case they are always sent to your website when publishing, but if stored in the original location … While Scrolling option, it is recommended that you encode the video with many keyframes, for example adding the keyint=30 setting in ffmpeg-based

The “Fixed in window” option locks the background so that the visible portion changes when the box moves or you scroll. This can be used for many interesting visual effects such as a quasi parallax effect, as illustrated in many of the sample designs.

In this example I have just begun working on the ‘About Us’ page in my website, (a fictional address). Normally this page would end up being named ‘about-us.html’. To make it a clean URL I need to place the page in a folder, which I do by selecting ‘In a Folder’ (as

devices" live preview will show the appropriate layout for the device, which lets you have different devices each shown their own layout, but also means you might edit position and size of something that’s not visible on the preview browser.

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